Techno-economic feasibility analysis of solar photovoltaic(PV)
electricity generation in African Continent

The use of eco-friendly renewable energy sources has become widespread in recent years due to decrease of fossil fuel reserves and the increase of their damage to the environment. The solar energy-related scientific studies has increased and renewable energy technologies have been determined according to the results of these studies in many developed and developing countries because of the European Commission’s target for 2020 is to raise the share of total energy consumption throughout Europe produced from renewable resources to 20 %. As in Europe, African Continent also plans to reduce fossil fuel consumption and aims to increase the usage of renewable energy. Intensive researches are being done about the efficient and economical utilization of solar energy all over the world, as well as in African Continent

When there is no electricity grid or being away from residential areas; solar cells can be used to meet the energy needs, because they are economically feasible. For this reason, they can be installed to meet rural electricity needs or for the purpose of signaling. In this concepts, electricity production from solar energy will be widespread and both theoretical and practical information be developed, qualified and competent persons will be trained and employed for this sectors. In this regard, the country’s progress and development is expected to speed up.