Company Profile – EAST BRIDGE

East Bridge Estate is a young and dynamic company specializing in importing medical equipment, founded in 2018, based in Bucharest, Romania .

From 2018 Estate Bridge Estate is supplying medical equipment and consumables for private and public sectors, about (40 private clinics, 5 public polyclinics), provide the full equipment for operation theater and administration department 42 employees, service department 5 employee. The company have 2000 square meters warehouse in Ilfov, Romania with international standard.
We import from 4 countries Canada, Turkey, India, China, and have in our portfolio over 30 manufacturers including major international medical companies.
We are proud of our achievements in this field because we managed to provide medical equipment necessary for hospitals, pharmacies and individuals in Romania and other European and African continent.

East Bridge Estate provides a wide range of medical products:

  • Medical equipment such as radiology ICU equipment›s, operation room assembly, nursery...etc.
  • Healthcare, medical items and devices.
  • Approved vaccines SAR-Cov-2 : Vaxzervia by Astra Zeneca and Sputnik V
  • Medical consumables such as syringes, cannula and needles, surgical masks, disposable civilian masks, nitrile gloves, disposable boots, medical overalls, disinfectant gel ,antigen tests……etc
  • All our products have CE, ISO certificates and the necessary ANDMR (National Agency For Medicines And Medical Devices) approvals, in order to sell them.
  • Medical Laboratories and blood banking devices, reagents, consumables...etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: distributing and impelling pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products and health consuming products

Our Purpose

We are working persistently to provide more developed health care, products, services, and assisting health care providers with their career, while adhering to our ethical values and respecting social and environmental concerns which will be positively reflected in our customers› satisfaction, excellent teamwork performance and high-quality business sector.

Our Mission

To be the biggest trading company in Romania in the medical field.

Our Goals

  • Projects commitment.
  • Respecting the timeframes.
  • Excellent financial outcomes.
  • Continues progress.
  • Patient safety.
  • Medical care provider development.
  • Fined the best solution for any medical problems

Our Values

  • Professionalism.
  • Creativity.
  • Trust.
  • Staff rights.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Focusing on our client’s advices.
  • Believe in our mission.
  • Supporting leader to achieve vision.

We are always up date with technology and market requirements.
We have in our portfolio the latest generation products adapted to the market requirements.