GNZ-BRC is the first AI-supported custom panel breast cancer genetic screening test commercially legalized in Turkey, approved by the Ministry of Health.

Family history is a vital part of breast cancer risk. About 5-10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary. Hereditary cancer happens when changes or mutations in genes are passed down from your parents.

However, just because there seems to be a family history of cancer does not mean you will get cancer. Testing for genetic mutations is one way to get an idea of your risk of developing cancer.

Testing with GNZ-BRC determines gaining a mutation risk linked to breast cancer and demonstrates a life long risk of a diagnosis of breast cancer and how to prevent it.

GNZ-BRC differs from standard screening tests with its AI software and custom panel, including hotspot regions in 5 genes (ATM, FGFR2, MAP3K, BRCA1, BRCA2). It is faster, more accurate, more affordable, and easier in clinical applications use.

Using a saliva sample, GNZ-BRC provides more information than standard genetic screening tests, including potential risks for early-stage patients and personalized advice for prevention.