“GNZ – RH is the first genetic fetal RH screening test in Turkey, approved by the Ministry of Health and registered to the UTS (Product Tracking System).

Fetal RH Incompatibility* Test

Determination of Rh blood type is required in every pregnant female to test blood incompatibility. In a pregnant woman with Rh-negative blood type married with an Rh-positive, the GNZ-RH test often is the first test performed. The test can detect blood incompatibility in the 9th week of pregnancy. *“alloimmunization caused by very small amounts of fetomaternal hemorrhage.”

GNZ – RH targets fetal Rhesus (D) protein genes on cell-free fetal DNA isolated from maternal blood starting from the 9th week of pregnancy. The GNZ RH test is more accurate than the currently used indirect Coombs test, which needs to be repeated several times after the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Mothers can avoid receiving unnecessary** anti-immunoglobulin therapy, which can have serious side effects.