GENZPRO SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test is a microfluidic immunoassay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in whole human blood or serum to indicate recent or prior infection.
The test chip is used with the GENZPRO POC device, delivering results in 5 minutes, using a cloud-based platform integrated with health system networks and transfers patient data.

GENZPRO POC Diagnostic Platform

GENZPRO’s ELISA-based microfluidic chip is coated with Sars-Cov-2 antigens, precisely detecting targeted human IgG antibodies in one drop of blood, serum, or plasma.

GENZPRO device is a connected stand-alone, portable device that analyses GENZPRO’s test chip in 5 minutes, reports the results to the patient, the doctor, and/or central information systems.

GENZPRO Antibody Rapid test shows the immune response of patients against the Covid-19 virus after 2-14 weeks from the infection or after vaccination in a reliable way.

The GNZ-CVD-19 Ab Test is designed to be used in community care settings to identify individuals with an adaptive immune response to COVID-19, indicating recent or prior infection, antibody therapies, or vaccination.

  • Easy to implement in point of care settings
  • Time to result in maximum 11 minutes
  • Highly accurate

GENZPRO Point of Care (POC) Immunoassay Analyzer

GENZPRO device is a portable easy to use testing system optimized for outdoor use. GENZPRO reads the Ag/Ab quantity using GENZPRO test chips in minutes from the client’s blood or nasal swab specimen. Test results automatically can be stored in the device and/or sent to the doctor or patients via mobile or email. GENZPRO device is a smart solution for reliable testing, and it prevents virus contamination.

The GENZPRO Platform is an innovative, nextgen point of care diagnostic system that combines a small, compact device, an advanced low-cost test chip, and seamless connectivity.

The platform and tests are created on the same principles as gold standard lab analyzer systems to produce accurate results across many parameters in a portable, easy-to-use point of care solution.